Back to work!

As so many of you know we welcomed our newest addition in January in a rather dramatic and world changing fashion.


My sweet Wyatt couldn’t wait to get here!  So much so that he arrived 6 weeks early. This resulted in a NICU stay where we fought low birth weight/respiratory distress/jaundice and other not so fun things. But he amazed us all (including the doctors and nurses) by not listening when they projected a minimum of 30 days and up to 45 days and busting out of there on day 12. He’s impatient just like his mother when it comes to hospital stays.

IMG_6221 copy

Welcome to the world!

His prematurity has brought us several challenges such as the inability to place him in daycare due to a weakened immune system and limited options for babysitters, which resulted in me taking a much longer break from business than I had originally anticipated.

IMG_7658 copy

Wyatt at 3 months old

I’m glad to say that, although he still may be tiny, he is mighty and he is strong. At 7 months he is exceeding all expectations and, although we’re still not cleared for daycare, Mommy is able to return to work on an (almost) full time basis.

Just in time for Fall Sessions!!! My favorite time of year is approaching (Fall/Christmas) and I’m so excited to get back into the swing of things.

IMG_7916 copy

7 months strong!

Please contact me if you’d like to book a fall session. I am booking dates through November currently. I only have 6-7 available spaces per month so these will move quickly. As a celebration of my return to work and my newest little one’s good health I’m offering all regular sessions at the limited time price of $250. This includes all your final high resolution digital images on a disc with rights to print in color and black and white. This excludes newborn sessions.

I’m currently only offering outdoor sessions as we are relocating my studio to another location. I can’t wait to hear from you!


Much love!


Something fun is just around the bend….






Join me? An amazing, stupendous, marvelous, magnificent celebration for children of all ages. Circus mini sessions!!! This will be a vintage style, stylized outdoor mini session with a selection of clothing, outfits, and costumes for boys and girls from 12months-6 years.
It is set to take place at the end of this summer. I’ve been planning this for years, and it’s going to be outstanding! Please stay tuned for more information! Dates will be announced soon.


Gender Reveal! “IT’S A………..” with Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands, VA Maternity Photographer

It’s a…. CUPCAKE 😀



IMG_6239 copy



If you remember I posted Sam and Jeremy’s pregnancy announcement here.
I love when clients want to have a fun and unique session! That’s exactly what I always get with Sam and Jeremy. Their sweet baby is going to have the two most fun parents around! Congratulations on your new baby_____!






BlogBoard-2 copy


BOY! Little baby Evan, we can’t wait to meet you!


It was a blast as usual! Thanks so much for allowing me to document your pregnancy journey!!



The Empowerment Project

What started as a small photo session between friends turned into an amazing journey for women in the photography community. Let me enlighten you before we get empowered…

From the outside, photography is amazing! It’s quirky, you can be yourself! I mean, hello!!! You get paid to make art! What could be more fulfilling than that? Nothing. Not a single thing.
If anyone ever asks me if I like what I do, I never hesitate, I shout “OH MY GOSH YES!” But enough about me—-see my post here for more about why I do what I do.

Of course, as with any field, there are issues. There is “draaamaaaaaa” And it seems like it’s worse within the dominating portion of the photography industry-which so happens to be the female portion.   Instead of building each other up and celebrating each other. Some spend the entire time talking about “She’s awful! She’s a joke! She’s stealing my customers!!!  She’s undercutting the industry! She’s ruining it for everyone!”  This was my first experience with another professional in the industry. I quickly assumed that’s how it was and I ducked my head and hid from the others in the interest of self preservation. I am not the only person this has happened to, and I was lucky to find a group of professionals that changed my mindset and enlightened me. But not everyone is that lucky!

Well there you go. That is a VERY brief (although it may not have seemed brief) explanation of the problem that we have facing this industry. It’s not “shoot and burners,” it’s not “newbies who got a camera for Christmas” it’s not “overpriced photographers.”

It’s US. We’re ruining our own industry. We’re imploding our own way of life.  This started out as an empowerment project for female photographers. But it’s not just about photography-it’s about women. One day we hope to spread it to the entire female population, because isn’t that true for everyday life? It’s not just photography, it’s everywhere. Women are the biggest bullies of their own gender. We would pounce on a man and beat him with sticks if he said ONE of the 1000 things that we say to ourselves or about other women on a daily basis.

The purpose of this project is to show that even though we compete, even though we are in the same field, even though we are WOMEN; we love each other, we empower one another, we build one another UP instead of tearing each other down.


The Empowerment Project

This project is the brain-child of three female photographers: Emily Hale with Captured by E&B, Kalyn Newberry of Photography by Kalyn, and myself. We started small with one session that included ourselves and one other local photographer, Emily Ball, who is still in highschool but has already made an amazing presence in the photography industry with her sports photography! We will continue soon with more, and then keep going! The response was amazing, so much love!! And guess what? It brought us closer together, and it did it’s job.



IMG_5816 copySee, realizing that someone who I thought was absolutely stunning, someone that I was so jealous of; didn’t see what I saw; they see flaws, they see things they want to change they see SOMETHING…but I didn’t see that!  Seeing this changes the way you think about yourself when you see others insecurities and perceived flaws, because you start to realize that what you see when you look in the mirror isn’t what others see. They see you as you really are! And that’s an amazing feeling.




Emily BallSo what does that have to do with the female photography industry? Nothing? WRONG. Everything.

When you start to see your competition as a person instead of just someone who’s “Out to get you” you humanize them. They’re not your enemy. When we learn to work together, to EMPOWER one another, we become a force to be reckoned with, and we can kick this industries ass a lot easy if we’re working together instead of against one another.


The empowerment project

And you know what? Realizing that you are surrounded by intelligent, funny, beautiful women-who all share a common goal and will always have your back?? Well…that’s pretty damn amazing. Are you a female photographer in the Tazewell County area? Are you interested in joining us as we go on a mission to empower one another, to join forces and take over this industry together?



IMG_5791 copy

Well then let us know! We know a lot of people, but we don’t know everyone, and we want as many involved
as possible. We are currently in the process of planning our next shoot and hope to have it happen
in the next 1-2 months. PLEASE get in touch with us.




We’re currently in the process of responding to those
who have already contacted us, so if we don’t immediately respond, please don’t give up on us! We can’t wait
to see what this project becomes. And we can’t wait to meet you!

So amazingly lucky to get to know these amazing people, and I’m proud to call them my friends and colleagues.



A Rather Wordy and Mushy Post about Why I do What I Do: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA Photographer

When I first started to learn photography I was amazed at how emotional it was for me. It was a way for me to tap into my artistic nature, a way to express myself, and all the while I could share that with people I cared about, the feelings that an image brought to mind for me, the way I felt when I looked at a photograph I had taken. It came so easily to me, to share that, and that in and of itself baffled me a bit. Anyone who knows me know that I’m loud, I’m wild, I’m crazy, I’m goofy, I love to joke. However, anyone that truly knows me will also tell you that I’m not very good with “feelings.” I am a VERY emotional person. I just don’t show it.

You want to cry on my shoulder? Bring it! I will love and nurture and listen all day long. You want me to cry on your shoulder??? Nah, but thanks though!!

Why am I telling you this?

Because it’s important to me. That’s why 🙂 And because I want to let you into my brain for a moment (better hang on, it’s wild in here,) and let you see how much this industry means to me.

There is an emotional roller coaster that goes on with a photography session for me. I see myself in pregnant mothers, I remember the struggle to have a baby and the AMAZING feeling that it was when I finally got to feel that first kick after years of thinking it would never happen. I see myself in the mothers of newborns, tired (okay…exhausted) but SO. IN. LOVE.

I remember my newborn when I hold your baby.
I remember my wedding day when I’m scanning through your wedding gallery
I remember the amazing moment when my husband proposed as I’m watching you look at your future husband during an engagement session.
I remember that terrified/excited/proud tug of war that goes on when you see your baby growing up so fast in front of your eyes.
Because you want time to freeze—-but at the same time you are SO excited about the prospect of what they’ll become.

So how’s THAT for sharing some emotion? I guess I AM capable, right??

All joking aside…that’s all the truth. I’m known to cry like a baby while I put together your slideshow for a session reveal, and I have wiped away a few tears while I’m sitting in the corner while you watch it for the first time.

It’s important that I tell you this because I want you to know—all of these things I’ve told you in this post? That’s what I want for you, and that’s why I do this. I want you to feel that way when you look at your images. I want you to feel everything you felt when you first met your new baby, when you said “I do” and when you said “YES!” to that proposal. Because that feeling is amazing-and you deserve it. The need to share that feeling with others, and to let them feel it for themselves is the reason that I do what I do. Because having tangible memories is so precious to me. I’ve missed out on that on a lot of things, but what I have I cherish with everything in me.

I just want you to know all of this, and I want you to know how grateful I am to those of you who have allowed me into a part of your lives to document your memories. Because at the end of the day that’s really all we have.

And most importantly, I want you to know that that moment-that tiny little moment when you first see your pictures, or I show you a peek at the back of the camera-and I see it-I see that look, I see those tears, or that deep breath that you take when you see an image that touches your heart—-That’s it. That’s what I live for, that’s why I do this. And I adore every one of you for allowing me to give you such an amazing gift-and for letting me continue to do something so AMAZING as a “job.”

Much love, ❤


Spring/Easter Mini Session Recap with Little Crow-Little Crow Photography Studio-Richlands VA



Children’s mini sessions are so much fun for me. I get to spend a whole day (sometimes more) with my smallest customers. I’m always exhausted after a full day of being goofy and laughing myself silly for 8 hours. This set of spring minis was my favorite set yet. So many sweet little ones came to see me in my new studio; all of them dressed in such amazing colorful clothes and with the colorful little personalities to match. I adore each and every one of my littlest visitors. Can’t wait to see you all again! I created the colorful kite backdrop just for them and it worked so perfectly!!


Some favorites from my weekend of minis!!


Spring Mini


Spring Mini


Spring Mini


Spring Mini


See you again soon!


Do you wanna build a snowman? Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA area Newborn and Maternity Photographer-Pregnancy Announcement!

I was so very very very excited when a certain someone shared their super secret news with me!

I had never had the privilege of being in on such an amazing secret, not to mention-I had yet to get to do a pregnancy announcement! We wanted to shy away from Pinterest style ideas and do something that hadn’t been overdone.
So we built a snowman…a “baby” snowman 😀

You have no idea how hard it was for me not to share any of these. SO HARD!

Sam is so sweet, and her husband is hilarious. We had so much fun, even though we froze to death. You would never guess from the images that it was so cold!

This session had all my favorite things, a beautiful couple, a unique twist, and SNOW! I love snow images.

A few of my favorites

BlogBoard-9 copy

Congratulations! I can’t to work with you more in the future and ABSOLUTELY cannot wait to meet this sweet little one! I’m sure he/she will be absolute perfection.




Evan and Emma: Little Crow Photography Studio-Richlands VA Area Children’s Photographer

Let’s talk about these two-CUUUUTE!!!!

Evan stole my heart, he’s just awesome. Yup. Now, Emma? Emma is so sweet and absolutely beautiful!! Just so much fun. We had an amazing time, threw glitter, and all in all-just craziness. These two just welcomed their new baby sister a couple of days ago who will be making HER big debut on the blog soon. She’s as cute as they are. I don’t think that Brandi is capable of making a non-adorable child. Really, I don’t.



As always if you love these shots, make sure you follow me on facebook! These two think I’m so much fun; it’s probably the weird faces and potty jokes, but I’m going to act like it’s my impeccable fashion sense (on second thought, it’s definitely the potty jokes.)



Chandler and Blake: Children’s Session-Little Crow Photography Studio, Richlands VA Area Children’s Photographer

What a couple of cuties!! Mom says these two are very used to being in front of the camera! I could tell, because they completely rocked out their session. I had so many “keepers” that I ended up delivering one of the largest galleries I’ve ever delivered to Mom!

Here are some of my favorites!


If you would like to book a children’s session with Little Crow, contact me through any of the methods listed under the “Contact Little Crow” Tab at the top of the page. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for bringing these two in Erica! I had an awesome time!


Couture Maternity Session Limited Time Special-Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA Photographer

To celebrate the opening of my new studio space I’m having my own personal March Madness 😀

Usually my session fee for Maternity images is $250 dollars. This gets you, the client, an hour of shoot time with unlimited access to my selection of maternity gowns and unlimited outfit changes. It comes with 6 gift prints (any print 8×10 and under) and a $50 Print Collection Credit.


For a limited time I will be offering you ALL of your images for the price of my session fee alone!
You will receive

-One hour of Camera Time
-Unlimited access to my collection of maternity gowns
-Unlimited wardrobe changes
-Family and sibling poses
-Variety of poses using my gowns or your own clothing
-ALL of your final edited images on a custom disc with a print release.

This is a $900 value typically and I’m so excited to share it with you!

I love maternity-Every woman experiencing pregnancy deserves a couture maternity session. Trust me-motherhood looks great on you! Let me show you how gorgeous you are!

The session can be scheduled with this deal for any time in the future. Session fee is due at the time of booking to reserve your time.

Maternity Sessions

Contact me to book your session! Sessions are best scheduled around the 32nd week of pregnancy.

I can’t wait to hear from you!