Hot Air Balloon Sessions

So pleased to add a new setup to my little studio.

A hot air balloon!  [Not a real one obviously, haha] I’m just in love with this new setup. My little Noah, who’s not so little anymore [so sad!] was kind enough to help me test it out. I love the results!

[click to enlarge]

IMG_58 copyfb


To celebrate my new studio space I’m passing some savings on to my wonderful clients. On May 10th I will offer Hot Air Balloon Mini Sessions for only $50!

Mini Sessions are typically $75.00, so this is a $25.00 Savings! One day only, there will be other sessions in the future possibly, but these will be at the regular rate.


Click the image below for more details.

Untitled-1 copy



Hope to see you there! Contact me via email at: or via the facebook page!


See you then!


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