What to wear for your session

There are countless Pinterest boards with tips on what to wear for your photo session. Feel free to look up anything with “Photo session style tips” or “coordinating outfits for your photo session”


My main tips are as follows

  1.  Coordinate your color scheme– different shades of the same colors are your best bet.
  2. Match, but don’t be “too matchy”– Everyone has seen the sessions online where everyone is wearing the same sweater….if that’s the type of photo you want, by all means do it. But in order to avoid the “cheese factor” it’s best if everyone has a similar style of outfit, but don’t become a sea of blue, see rule number 1.
  3. Neutral colors are your friend- Creams, browns, soft blues or pastels. Soft, warm colors. These are best and the most forgiving on almost all skin tones. These help give an overall softness and professionalism to your images. They pull double duty by helping you match your surroundings, but make you pop out at the same time; helping to prevent you from blending in to the scenery, especially in outdoor sessions.
  4. No bold patterns, and please, no big logos, writing, or statements- Nothing says family togetherness like a Beer Logo, right? No? Okay, then lets keep those on standby for the cookouts this summer. 🙂 Patterns are okay as long as they are soft. No large print plaids, as they tend to overpower and draw attention away from you, and place it on your clothes.  Small, fine plaids are good. It’s best to stick with solid colors and save plaid, chevron, and stripes for smaller pieces, or statement pieces.
  5. Wear clothes that fit! Women (I’m the worst offender of this!) tend to wear baggy clothes that they feel hide parts that they don’t quite love so much. In reality baggy or loose clothing tends to have the opposite effect and make you look larger than you are! A good photographer (this photographer!) will pose you in a way that highlights your beauty and flatters your shape. If there’s a particular body part that you despise (“I hate my arms” for example) then cover them. You won’t like any of your images if you wear a sleeveless dress but hate your arms in every image.
  6. Have a statement piece- A scarf, special necklace, headbands for children (Or adults) a neutral wardrobe with one statement piece that “pops” brings out your unique sense of style without clashing with family members or you being lost in your wardrobe.
  7. No baseball caps, no sunglasses- There are some exceptions to this rule. If that’s what you’re going for in a particular pose, we’ll definitely go for it! The problem with hats is they tend to cause a harsh shadow on your face, making you faceless, and sunglasses are pretty self explanatory. The reason I mention it is because if you’re like me, if you are outside you automatically have your sunglasses on.  Fedoras, newsboy caps and floppy sun hats are one of the exceptions to the “no hats” rule. But even they shouldn’t be worn for the entire session. We want to see your beautiful face!




For more inspiration, check out Pinterest for ideas, but a perfect example is Amelia and Valencia!!

Amelia couldn’t have picked out the more perfect session style for these two.

[click to enlarge image]


They followed all the rules and absolutely rocked their session!! Notice that they coordinate, but aren’t “matchy,” and used neutral tones. The cream colors warm their skin tones and make details pop. Notice how they pop from the background, but blend with their surroundings at the same time?  Amelia’s belt accentuates her profile and serves as a statement piece, and her necklace is perfection. They nailed it. Case closed. 🙂


Of course, the most important rule of all, is to wear what makes you comfortable, wear what makes you happy. If you love your outfit, and feel beautiful; then, rules aside, that’s the most important thing of all.



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