Carrie & Henry’s Engagement Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands, VA area Engagement & Wedding Photography

I love engagement sessions, when else do you get an hour to just sit and look in the eyes of the person that you love so much you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with them? Carrie and Henry are a Tazewell, VA couple who adore each other. You can tell by the way that Carrie looks at her soon-to-be-husband that she loves him dearly. They’re so sweet and genuine! Also, there is a new product I will be offering in 2015, which is a slideshow set to music of your images from your session. Carrie & Henry were lucky enough to be my test subjects. Enjoy 🙂 If you’re having difficulty viewing the video on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the post for a lower quality version that is generally more supported on mobile devices.



Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement

Congratulations you two! I can’t wait to see the wedding, I’m sure it will beautiful just like you two!







Mobile Version of Carrie & Henry’s HD Slideshow







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