Evan and Emma: Little Crow Photography Studio-Richlands VA Area Children’s Photographer

Let’s talk about these two-CUUUUTE!!!!

Evan stole my heart, he’s just awesome. Yup. Now, Emma? Emma is so sweet and absolutely beautiful!! Just so much fun. We had an amazing time, threw glitter, and all in all-just craziness. These two just welcomed their new baby sister a couple of days ago who will be making HER big debut on the blog soon. She’s as cute as they are. I don’t think that Brandi is capable of making a non-adorable child. Really, I don’t.



As always if you love these shots, make sure you follow me on facebook! These two think I’m so much fun; it’s probably the weird faces and potty jokes, but I’m going to act like it’s my impeccable fashion sense (on second thought, it’s definitely the potty jokes.)



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