About Little Crow



About me: I am a life long citizen of Richlands, VA and also a Registered Nurse. I have been studying photography for 10+ years and have been a nurse for well over a decade!

I focus on an elegant, innocent style and strive to help my clients feel as beautiful as they truly are. The focus of Little Crow is creating detailed and elegant works of art for your home.

In 2011 I had my first newborn session, I realized then what I loved the most!  I have since then, been specially trained by a leading newborn and maternity photographer in posing, maternal & newborn safety and image composition, processing and editing. Newborn safety is something I take very seriously! I treat your newest blessing as if it were my own. Maternity imagery is also near and dear to my heart; as I’m sure you’ll see by viewing my portfolio. I take great pride in showing women how truly beautiful and stunning pregnancy truly is on EVERY woman.

Other portrait sessions I offer include children’s sessions and birthday sessions. I do not offer wedding photography at this time.
I find that being a “jack of all trades” prevents me from truly mastering my art of maternity/newborn/children’s portraiture. That is why I only focus on these subjects.

While I am still 100% committed to photography, I have been enrolled in a Masters program through Georgetown University since 2017 and the time requirements for this don’t allow me the ability to be as available to my clients as I once was. Considering that I would rather not accept new clients than not be able to give them 110% I have stopped accepting new clientele at this point in time. I hope to be able to resume my work in the spring of 2020 and invite you to re-visit this site then!

I wish you well and hope to see you soon, when I’m able to resume my full time love for photography!

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