Sarah’s Maternity Session-Little Crow Photography Studio: Tazewell County Maternity and Newborn Photography

Sarah found me just in the knick of time! I usually get maternity clients in around the 32nd week of pregnancy, Sarah was a little further along but that made not a single difference in this session, everything was perfect.

Her little girl was in no mood at first, which can happen with young children more often than people realize. But my assistant and I quickly won her over with our sheer lack of humility and willingness to act like fools just to get a smile. If that’s what it takes for a happy kids, I’m all for it! Talking Ginger App is the best download I’ve ever had from the iTunes store!

The weather hasn’t cooperated so Sarah never got to see the video slideshow that I present to all of my clients at their viewing session. Please take a moment to enjoy the highlights from Sarah’s Maternity Session with me and see a few of my favorite images! Sarah had a combination of her clothing and my couture maternity clothing! All beautiful!

Sarah’s Video Slideshow

And my favorites from their session!!

Sarah's Maternity Sesssion with Little CrowBlogBoard-5

Thanks for looking! If you’re interested in a maternity session with Little Crow simply contact me. Click on the Contact Little Crow tab at the top of the page for several different contact methods.

Natasha’s Maternity Session-Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA Area Maternity Photographer

I met Natasha when I did her youngest son’s birthday session. See his session here. When I put out a maternity model call she was kind enough to volunteer, and I immediately said “OF COURSE!!”

I’ve fallen in love with a lighting technique called backlighting. It creates this dreamy, ethereal glow around the subject which renders some amazing results! It doesn’t hurt when your subject is amazingly gorgeous either! The initial plan was to get a few shots with backlighting, but she was so stunning and it fit the mood of the shoot so perfectly, so we used it for the entire session!

I had so much fun at this session, we just relaxed, and talked about being Mommies, and really just had fun. Natasha is the perfect model, up for anything and she trusted me to be as creative as I wanted! I can’t wait to meet her sweet baby girl, who should be making her arrival TODAY! Yay!

Please enjoy the video slideshow of Natasha’s maternity session with Little Crow as well as some of my favorite images and join me in congratulating them and wishing them love and best wishes as they complete their family today!
Music is “A Story of Love” by Dan Phillipson. Very fitting as they bring this baby girl into such a loving and amazing family!

And some of my favorites

If you are interested in booking a Couture Maternity Session of your own please contact me, I would love to meet you too!

Congratulations again Natasha! You have a beautiful family and I can’t wait to meet that sweet baby girl!






If you’re having trouble streaming the HD version of the video check out the lower quality version here.

Milestone Mini Sessions: Little Crow Photography Studio-Richlands VA Children’s Photographer

Announcing Monthly Milestone Minis.

HelloSpringMarketingBoard copy 2

Starting March 2015 the first week of each month I will offer Milestone Mini Sessions! These are the perfect sessions to capture those tiny milestones!!!
These will be a full one hour session-the only thing mini is the price!  See below for price and what’s included.

Typical Milestone Sessions take place at:

3 months:

Pushing up from belly position
Big Smiles
Rolling Over
Grabbing Feet

6 months:
Sitting up unassisted
Crawling (possible)

9-10 months
Pulling up to stand
Standing Unassisted for brief periods
Crawling/Possibly walking!

You can schedule at any time. Your child doesn’t have to be a specific age or meeting a certain milestone. The above list is just for suggestion.

If you’re interested in a milestone mini session just contact me! I’ll get you set up! It’s the first week of each month at my new studio space.

Sessions are $125 and include 5 high resolution digital files with print release and (5) 3.5×5 prints of your choice (perfect for the baby book!!) $350 value if you purchased a regular session.

Book at least 2 milestone mini sessions and receive $50 off a Children’s session!

I look forward to seeing you and your precious babies soon!



Valentines Day!

I loved my Valentines Drop. It was the perfect combination of theme but not -overly- themed. The kids loved my clouds and they were repeatedly shredded to pieces!

I offer Mini Sessions typically for each major holiday. It’s a great chance to get your children’s images taken at an affordable price and the kids love it!!

My favorites from my valentines sessions!!


Talen’s Birthday Session with Little Crow! Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA Area Children’s Photographer

What a handsome little guy Talen is, and his brother Treyton, equally handsome, loved the camera!
Talen was celebrating a birthday soon, so what better time for a photo session?

It may have been a birthday session for the littlest Kiser gentleman, but the whole family got in on the fun. Talen wasn’t too excited at first but once he turned on the charm we got a TON of amazing images. He’s absolutely precious, this whole gang was a dream to work with! I look forward to many more sessions with this crew!


A few favorites:

Talen and the rest of the Kiser family with Little Crow!

Talen and the rest of the Kiser family with Little Crow!




If you would like to book a family or children’s session with Little Crow just give me a call or send me a message via any method listed under my contact information tab at the top of the page!


Thanks for stopping by!


Layne Maternity Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands Virginia & Tazewell County Area Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Renia contacted me because she wanted a snow session; and although we just couldn’t quite get the weather to cooperate, it turned out beautifully nonetheless! I am so happy for these two! They just welcomed baby Mila and boy is she gorgeous just like her parents! Renia had some awesome ideas, and the dress was to die for, how could we go wrong! The session took place on their property where their future home will be built, which I adore. Renia’s session was a combination of casual/lifestyle maternity and a glamorous couture based session with one of my custom made maternity gowns. Absolutely stunning! She is a vision in red!


Check out some of the shots from Renia’s session with Little Crow. She ended up choosing the silhouette shot as a large printed canvas wrap which I just received and can’t WAIT for this momma to get it!



I am so blessed to get to work with the most amazing people! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. ❤
If  you or someone you know is pregnant and would like more information on a Maternity Session with Little Crow, follow the link or contact me via any of the methods listed on the Contact Little Crow tab at the top of the page.



Carrie & Henry’s Engagement Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands, VA area Engagement & Wedding Photography

I love engagement sessions, when else do you get an hour to just sit and look in the eyes of the person that you love so much you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with them? Carrie and Henry are a Tazewell, VA couple who adore each other. You can tell by the way that Carrie looks at her soon-to-be-husband that she loves him dearly. They’re so sweet and genuine! Also, there is a new product I will be offering in 2015, which is a slideshow set to music of your images from your session. Carrie & Henry were lucky enough to be my test subjects. Enjoy 🙂 If you’re having difficulty viewing the video on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the post for a lower quality version that is generally more supported on mobile devices.



Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement Engagement

Congratulations you two! I can’t wait to see the wedding, I’m sure it will beautiful just like you two!







Mobile Version of Carrie & Henry’s HD Slideshow







Eden is three! Children’s Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA Area Children’s Photographer

Happy Birthday little Miss Eden! You are just so full of energy and cuteness. And you maaay have made me a -little- nervous, but only because you have no fear, at all!! She was climbing and jumping and so much fun to work with.  Can’t believe I’m just now getting to post this!

Eden’s parents are some of the nicest, most down to earth people you will every meet. Jason is a friend of my husband’s and I’ve had to chance to work with Nikki in my healthcare job. Both are wonderful people and they’ve raised an intelligent, sweet, brave and just wild little child. She’s just perfect! And beautiful just like Momma!

Eden Eden Eden Eden Eden EdenEden



That last shot is a great example of her little energetic spirit. Click on the image to a full size version. When I have children Eden’s age, I don’t attempt to pose them too much. My personal goal for a children’s session is to let their true personalities shine through!

Thank you so much for bringing her! I look forward to seeing you again soon!



Nolan’s Newborn Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA area newborn photographer

Nolan is the newest addition to the Adkins family! (See his mom, Amanda’s, amazing maternity session here)

Now, Mr. Nolan really made me work hard, but I didn’t mind a bit :). This normally sleepy little guy was wide awake for the first hour and a half of his session, just looking at me with those big adorable eyes. We had a little talk, a bottle, and a few good minutes of snuggles and out he was. His nursery theme is outdoors/forest theme and foxes are a MUST. I just knew that I had to create a fox in the woods scene just for him.

What a darling little boy! Can’t wait to watch him grow up! But not too fast now, okay? So little and sweet and I just want to kiss his little cheeks. He is just too much!

Nolan Nolan Nolan NolanNolanNolanNolanNolan

Amanda and Cody were actually the first set of parents I had that participated in the newborn session as well. I ADORE parent + newborn shots. Capturing that look on their face when they look at their new baby, you just can’t pose that or produce a smile like that, it’s all natural and organic and so amazing!

As always a joy to work with all of you, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!



Amanda Adkins, Maternity Session: Little Crow Photography Studio: Richlands VA area Maternity Photographer

I’ve known Amanda for years! I was so excited when she won my contest in May. She chose to use her free session towards her Maternity images, and I was so glad she did! She has grown up so much since I first met her, and she is truly beautiful, and even more so while pregnant. She was a little nervous before her session, but quickly became comfortable in front of the camera. The location was perfect and the model was gorgeous, what more could you ask for?

I’m blessed to get some of the nicest, most down to earth, and beautiful women in front of my lens. This is now one of my favorite sessions I’ve ever captured. Stay tuned for Nolan’s newborn session, which is just a amazing!



Amanda Adkins Amanda Adkins Amanda Adkins Amanda Adkins Amanda Adkins


I’m grateful to know you Amanda, and it’s always such a joy to work with you!